Customer Profiles

Part of the Purpose and Function Brief was to create profile two polar opposite customers.

I have created Pen Portraits for a Luxury and High Street Customer.

The luxury consumer:
My name is Elizabeth Duke and I am 34 years old. I currently work as the PR manager for a top Public Relations Firm.
I have a keen interest in Fashion, and I like to do a ‘season’ shop, once every 3 months. I buy Investment pieces; items that I feel with withstand new trends and offer a classic and simplistic feel. I like to shop in Hermes and Chanel for the more timeless items, but I also shop at Gucci for the fashion forward style of Alessandro Michele. I also enjoy Stella McCartney, especially in the summer months, for the fresh and feminine style of the brand.
I currently live in South Yarra in a penthouse apartment with my husband, an Investment Banker and my 2 children aged 7 and 5. We like to visit our beach house in the ocean grove and also enjoy regular holidays abroad. My interests include Gastronomy and fine wines, Fashion, as previously mentioned, travelling and experiencing new cultures as well as luxury spa retreats. I like to indulge myself with regular treats, and I take great pride in my appearance. In terms of my dislikes, I am not a ‘bargain hunter’, I have little interest in ‘Fashionable but cheap’ items, and I despise fast fashion retailers who create replicas of the designer brands.
I read Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler; the lower market gossip magazines such as Heat, Closer or More are of no appeal to me. The lives of celebrities should be private and not advertised as a public spectacle.
As far as my career is concerned, work comes first and a family comes later at this present point. I love the fast paced, dynamic and ever changing variety of my industry, and I constantly thrive for more

The High Street consumer:

My name is Victoria Bruce and I am 19-year-old Fashion student RMIT. Currently I am in my second year of study, and I do not earn a high income to dispose on high-end luxury clothing, this is why I loves to venture into fast fashion retailers forth33J913TN “sophisticated affordable fashion”.  I like to shop at Topshop and Zara so that I can look fashionable without spending a lot of money. I also likes H&M (particularly their designer collaborations) and is also a regular ASOS browser.

I rented a student flat with three friends and I am a very sociable lively person. I  love going out to bars and night clubs and try new things. In terms of where I like to go out its anywhere with good music, a laid back vibe and a fun, easy-going crowd.

I am extremely fashion conscious so she likes to keep up with trends and are always looking to fit in with the current trends by purchasing garments that are both fashionable and affordable.

I love travelling to festival during her summer break. My life is very busy and constantly on the move but I do try to attend a yoga c lass at least once a week.I keep up to date with fashion trends by  read blogs and a few fashion magazines. My favorite blogs are Chiara Ferragni, and Style Bubble; she reads magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Her style icons are people like Alexa Chung or Olivia Palermo.

I am very ambitious, independent and headstrong and even though I can’t afford it right now I aspire to own a designer bag one day bu for now Ill buy into high luxury brands by purchasing, for example, a Chanel fragrance.

<outline how their footwear needs would differ in terms>


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