AW17 Trends – It’s time to get your glitter on

AW17 foowear saw a love of glitz and glamour was delivered in the style of the 80s. In fact this season, it seemed as it designers felt unable to leave any of their footwear without rhinestone or glitter which completely adding to the reinvigoration of the Studio 54/1980s feel.

It’s was the boot that had the most must-have appeal, and very few brands catwalks came without some form of intervention. Slouch boots were a popular option (again this season spanning various lengths) and proved to be perhaps a more practical option for boot/skinny jeans combos, as well as adding a retro late 70s-into-80s edge to the season. At their most extreme full upper rhinestone and/or glitter embellishment were key on the this AW17 catwalks. photo blog Some brand added rhinestone zips, decorative zip pulls, straps and buckles, or embroidered (some include all of the above) turned there footwear into star pieces that screamed out to be noticed. The best of the bunch was social media hottest accessory the ruched diamante boots from saint laurent’s and so too was Chanel’s rocket boots.


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