Footwear illustration – Trade Drawings


This semester we began to build a design folio with pencil sketching trade drawings using the fashionary footwear book as a guide for template.

The unit required the creations of a number of pencil line drawings in a number of view points which included top, side, and sole views


CO court bW final

Black and White Pencil D’Orsay

JL oxford

Black and White Pencil Oxford

Then the line drawings had to be rendered in different mediums, such as pencils, markers or paint. My favorite way to add colour to my footwear illustrations is either to use copics ciao or Tombow markers as I really like the effect of markers as the look is not too flat, and it has a nice texture and vibrancy to the colours.


CO court Mark.jpg

Marker Coloured D’Orsay

JL oxford Mark

Marker Coloured Oxford

The final hand drawing requirement of the sememster was to draw a Hero Shoe.

This require a style of my choice to be selected, I chose the new season Gucci Pony Mary Jane’s. A black and white Pencil Drawing was required to be drawn and descriptor for the style be added with correct terminology annotations. Then the style was to be rendered in your choice of medium, which of course rendered the illustration using markers.


Hero Gucci

Hero Shoe – Gucci Pony Mary Jane


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